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Has Your Business Received an Unsolicited Call From Google? It’s a Scam.


The phone call from Google is a phone scam, here’s why.
Remember, Google will never, ever call you out of the blue unexpectedly.
Google will only call if you request a support phone call from Google relating to your Google Adwords account that might have some issues. If Google calls then you always know ahead of time and you should expect something very direct to the expected call like “Hello, this is Tina from Google AdWords. Did you request a support call?”
Otherwise the unexpected or unsolicited phone call is most likely a scam to offer a service and an attempt at phishing for credit card information. Many people would have gone ahead and read their business credit card info out to the caller, thinking it is from trusted Google and then in a few days, they end up with a few hundred or thousand of dollars in fraudulent charges.
There are many variations on this scam, and here are a few Google scams to watch out for.
Callers claiming to be Google My Business reps who are offering paid Business Listings or update Business Listings. or saying your business listing has not been updated and need to be updated.
Callers claiming to be from Google and offering to help improve your business’s search rankings for a fee.
Robocalls! Google does not use robocalls.

Remember not to give your credit card to anyone over the phone even if they claim to be from Google.


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